Dispatch Planning & Execution tracks inbound & outbound logistics of an organization and lets you create a war room for monitoring logistics movement across the organization on near to real-time basis.


Order Planning

It helps you to plan the orders received and prioritize them in sequence as per the delivery time. It also keeps you informed with the stock level with respect to the orders received on real-time basis.

Execution of Orders

Once the orders are verified & confirmed by the administrator, the order will be executed by automatically raising the PO/WO of the respective vendor.

Stock View

Our platform lets you check the inventory levels at any point in time and thereby helps you to effectively manage your inventory. It will further assist you by synchronizing the stock information with your existing ERP system and Tablet.

Auto weigh capture and auto transport to SAP

This feature integrates your weighing scale machine with your ERP system such that the load of each consignment can be tracked.

Customer Intimation through Auto SMS

Once the consignment passes through the weighing scale stage, an auto generated SMS will be sent to the concerned customer/party with all the necessary details of the order along with the estimated time of delivery.

Single integrated view of all pending orders

Consolidated information on all the pending orders will be just a click away. This will help the dispatch team to streamline operations and will set things in order.

Logistic Reporting

It is the much-needed step towards automation in outbound logistics. It will provide you with a range of statistics to make important logistics related decisions and a sense of control & steadiness will be instilled in the organization.

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