Enterprise Collaboration Platform (ECP) is the easiest way to collaborate for teams & management at workplace. ECP comprises of Field Force Reporting, Sales & Distribution and HRMS solutions for Pharma companies.

ECP is empowered with advanced modules of field force reporting, sales & distribution and HRMS which can work as standalone modules, as well as could be integrated and can cover the important day to day operations of the organization.

Field Force Reporting

Field Force Reporting software largely reduces work load of Sales team &Marketing department by providing tabular reports, analytical reports, intelligent alerts and near real time data availability

Sales & Distribution

This solution acts as a mini ERP, taking care of your Purchase, Stock Transfer, Sales Billing, Inventory Management, Payment & Receipts, Trade Accounting and Indent. Apart from Inventory tracking it also aids in forecasting the demand & providing the intelligent MIS insights to management.

HR & Payroll

It helps in streamlining HR processes with its unique HRMS solution, providing organizations with higher administrative controls that revolves around payroll, work time, benefits administration, HR management, recruitment, training management, performance records & employee self-service. Organizations can design policies in the HRMS system like Training Programs, Staffing, Recruitment, Leave management, Performance Planning and Pay packages.

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