VCS is focused on results and has had the distinct pleasure of helping clients in a variety of industries overcome the issues that slowed and sometimes prevented outright success

Value Chain Solutions was chosen as a major strategic consulting firm for some of our Internal divisions. As a result of their vast experience and know-how about the processes we had engaged in a working relationship together with their consultants on several occasions. By working in a very small group together with them on complex issues we came away from the experience more knowledgeable and informed than Before. VCS consultants were not only able to guide us through their models with Effortless ease but could also demonstrate an principled diligence and work ethic which Was an example to us all. If unforseen obstacles presented the selves, the VCS team would for ego sleep all together in order to keep the promised deadlines. It is precisely Such dedication to the client that has been a major force in their incredible growth and Unparalleled reputation
Customer Care System
Value Chain Solutions is a company with true ingenuity and insight. They have always kept listening to our pain areas/bottlenecks and suggested the right solution to us. They have also been a good team player and provided us with support as and when needed. I would definitely recommend VCS to whoever seeks continuous improvement for their organization.
Business Director - South Asia Crop Protection
As a critical Player in the Asia Pacific market, we need to aggressively strive for operational efficiencies to support our crop focused growth strategy. We believe that VCS met and went far beyond our expectations, not only from the standpoint of features and functionality, but also high levels of customized services. VCS has been partnering us for nearly two years now and our tools keep getting better and more precise every year
VCS ecubix Pharma sales force automation deployment was done with care and was delivered on time. They are real professionals and we could see that with the way they managed the entire deployment and support. The team has excellent functional and technical knowledge of pharma reporting and we are very happy with the outcome. We look forward to working together with them again for more sales force management solutions.
Business Director - South Asia Crop Protection
We are exceedingly glad to have chosen VCS ecubix Pharma for implementing sales force automation in our organization. It’s for true that our Secondary Sales System has been enhanced in a very big way. Not Only did the deployment happen professionally, but they also helped us in significantly improving and establishing successful business relationships with our clients.

ecubix met and exceeded all our requirements and the support staffs were always there to solve any queries or concerns from our admin and sales reps.
Supply Chain Planning Manager
VCS is an outstanding business advisor. I was very pleased with their knowledge and in-depth understanding of what it takes for a Supply Chain and Logistics division concern to manage the Operations. The management’s knowledge, natural instincts for business and ability to put complex transnational business concepts into succinct and easy to understand terms were a great service to me and my client
Assistant IT Manager
Value Chain Solutions (VCS) is a company that embodies the journey of innovation with anyone who is looking for intelligent solution to area of improved opportunities. I have had the privilege of working first hand with VCS team and realized most of our vision through when most of it was through of as impossible at first. We have discovered and made many “first” within the organization probably even in the industry where we operate from. There have been many notable achievement.htmls that was envisioned and made to work by value chain solutions. If you are looking for continued solution to your business or organization, VCS will help to guide you through the process of discovery and build your vision through to actual results. I hope this note speaks for itself as a testament of the good effort presented by VCS team consistently.
General Manager
VCS ecubix Pharma has completely changed the way we work. Internal end to end functions have completely metarnorphosized to a more robust and optimized form. All desired information, reports and much more are available on the click. To simply say, we are extremely pleased with the outcome would be an understatement. The deployment was very smooth and they have a robust backup support for catering to any and all eventualities.
ecubix pharma has taken immense care to match our every requirement in field force automation with care and precision. We are very happy to have chosen their services. e-cubix staffs are focused in delivering effective and workable solutions. They were also very accommodative to our ideas and helped us incorporate those.

We are happy and we’re referred them to our clients as well.

Sales Admin Head
1. Working with VCS ecubix Pharma has been an absolutely delight. Their field reporting software is of impeccable quality and that’s coupled with the team’s meticulous handling of our requirements. They have been very dedicated and focused. We never had any issues in communication or status updates. They are detail-oriented and prompt.

Their Support is undoubtedly par excellence. We’d love to work with them.